Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Controlling crowds

No need for introduction...Controlling crowds by Archive.

Probably my favourite band. I watched them live a couple of times in Greece and they are awesome! Their last concert they rocked! Played two hours straight new and old songs...everybody had a great time!

Now about the song...you can find the lyrics at the official archive website (also check it out...its really good). Deep meaning as always in archive songs... Our individuality is getting lost inside the massive behaviours. Human kind is strange...we tend to categorize everything and seperate in good/bad wrong/right. I love the line: "stay on your knees with your cross and don’t tell me you know so, the world is my playground too and I refuse to follow." Religion is the most palpapbe example of controlling crowds...everyone believes he is right even making wars in the name of gods! And that's not the only example of course...politics also! Extremists from either side left or right do the same. That's getting too far though... enjoy the song... and remember the world is your playground too and you can do what you like...I think I wanted to say some more things about that song...maybe another time...

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