Monday, July 16, 2012

ArtieQ - Columbus in a car

It's been a while but here it is! ArtieQ Columbus in a car always a surprise! Nice music with a touch of humour in the lyrics as always :). I have to admit I didn't know all the explorers mentioned in the song :P... I have to say I'm a Sat Nav fan. I have to use the navigator everytime I go to a new place else getting lost is guranteed. So I get the feeling when you feel like an explorer :P. Keep it up ArtieQ! Lyrics follow:

© Robin Thomas Quinn 2012

I got a Sat Nav car
Tells you right where you are
I’ve got my Sat Nav, I’m Lost & Found

Hey yeah, yeah yeah

Lost & found, I was lost & found—Yeah!
Lost & found, I was lost & found—Yeah!

In a dream, I’m The Man and I sail away
Master Commander of the sea from yesterday

Hey—I’m in my SUV; I’ll get where I wanna be
Just like Columbus, I’m lost & found

Yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah. Columbus in car

Walter Raleigh, Robert Scott, Tenzing Norgay, Jacques Cousteau, Francis Drake; I’d rather be
Columbus in a car

Marco Polo, Leif Ericson, Pedro Escobar, Livingstone; I’d rather be Columbus in a car

Neil Armstrong and Captain Cook, Juan Perez and James Of Ireland, Sven Hedin; I’d rather be Columbus in a car

Hannu The Navigator, Edmund Fanning, Ernest Shackleton, Edmund, Roald; I’d rather be Columbus in a car. Columbus in a Car. Yeah, yeah.

In a Sat Nav car, you’ll always know where you are. You can call me Christopher; Columbus in a 4x4

You can also find more ArtieQ in ReverbNation.


  1. SOTDude! Always nice to see you out & about. Was waiting for some guitar to complete the musical picture, but I waited and waited ... and am still waiting ... finally I thought: Hell, it can go as it is! I'd not heard of most of the explorers, either. I just Googled "explorers" and picked the names that were the most difficult to pronounce/but pleasing on the ear. I mean, Hannu The Navigator??? An early Egyptian dude. Ernest Shackleton!!! Hah! What fun. By the way, you are a modern explorer, Albert. You have your SOT (D) NAV; Columbus had THE STARS. RT :)

  2. Nice Music, very soothing to ear.

    best regards,
    Song Cover

  3. Mister Albert! 'Ow you doin, bro?

    OK, I shall embark on a video soon, but for now thought you might like to hear, The World's Least Spiritual Soul:

  4. Dude. Columbus in Car, just got a Guitar! ;) Albert; how's it hangin', bro? rtq

    1. Here: