Thursday, May 19, 2011


Smash by The Offspring! Also from the same album as the previous post "Self Esteem". A revolutionary song I used to hear when I was younger. You can find the lyrics here. Its a longer version just like the one that came out at the original disc it has a bonus in the last instrumental version of "Come Out and Play". Sometimes I feel like I wanna scream that: "I just want to be who I want to be  Guess that's hard for others to see"! Simple lines but soooo true...I really like the verse:

I'm not a trendy asshole
I Do what I want
I Do what I feel like
I'm not a trendy asshole
Don't give a fuck
If it's good enough for you

Cause I am alive

Big words of course...I wish I could do whatever I wanted but either we like it or not we do conform to some of societies rules. I really get that feeling though when I'm in a "trendy place" where you see different copies of persons and behaviours. It used to annoy me in the it makes me laugh how some people's minds can be so narrow. Too much poison for tonight :P. "SMASH"!! Enjoy!

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