Monday, May 2, 2011

Street Spirit

Street Spirit by Radiohead! I posted a mashup of this song along with morcheeba a while ago. The lyrics of this song are also very good:

This machine will, will not communicate
These thoughts and the strain I am under

This lines fits very well this blog ;) (and I suppose to many other sites and blogs as well). So everybody enjoy this "Before we all go under...And fade out again and fade out again"...


  1. Wow. This is one of my favourite Radiohead songs of all time. I was going to say I didn't realise it had a video but on watching it now I remember it. It must be about 15 years since I've seen it. ♥ This takes me back...

  2. Really glad you liked that also...I also like Radiohead a lot and this one is one of my favourites. I heard it the first time in "Spirit World" that remix with morcheeba I posted a while ago. There's gonna be more form Radiohead to come the next days ;).

  3. The first time I heard the song was the first time I saw the video. And I went like, "Holy..." This is one among not too many songs and videos that ever gives me goosebumps." And then I always love this song, even played it couple of times with my band back then.

  4. Nice trickster! Did you have any songs of your own with your band? I'd love to post some of yours if you want...

  5. Thanks for the offer, but...I think I'll pass. Well, at least for now.:) We've "retired" couple of years ago anyway.