Friday, April 1, 2011

Radiohead vs Morcheeba ft Manda Zamolo vs Digitalism - Spirit World (mashup)

Great remix! Its actually three different songs (and a different version of one of them):

Radiohead: "Street Spirit (Fade Out)"
Morcheeba ft Manda Zamolo: "Gained the World"
Digitalism: "Taken Away"
Eliza Lumley: "Street Spirit (Fade Out)"

I love the lyrics from Gained the World. My favourite line is "I gained the world and lost my soul...maybe it's cause I'm getting old". We are greedy we always want more and not only material belongings. We want to collect as many experiences as we can and we don't want to lose the chance. There are lots of  "seize the day" sayings but by doing so we can actually do things that aren't us that makes us lose our souls. As we grow old thats more intense...we want to make money, try new things, we become more and more selfish...we become more greedy and adopt behaviours that we once hated...Thats for tonight. Enjoy it ;).

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