Tuesday, April 12, 2011

You sure you wanna be with me I've nothing to give

Karmacoma by Massive attack or Tricky :). I think there was a dispute between Massive Attack and Tricky as to whose the song really was...so there is also a version in Tricky's own album Maxinquaye and the song is called overcome. The song is performed by his then girlfriend Martina Topley Bird. She has an amzing voice! The video follows also:

Well a bit about the lyrics. The way I see it talks about a "couple" in a "no strings attached" relationship where two people are together but not in an exclusive relationship  "Don't want to be on top of your list Monopoly and properly kissed". Its mainly physical "Walking through the suburbs though not exactly lovers  You’re a couple, 'specially when your body’s doubled". I could go on line by line you can check out the lyrics on your own...but I have to wonder...to what extent can this be possible? "emmotional tights they stay severed" but we are human after all ;)...

"When there’s trust there’ll be treats
And when we funk we'll hear beats"


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