Sunday, April 3, 2011

But I feel I'm growing older...

First of all sorry for not posting a song yesterday. I had a party and there was no time left :). When I woke up I was too messed up :P and I had to clean up the mess also. So here it goes....Soldier of Fortune by Deep Purple. I used to listen to this one again and again on repeat.

"Many times I've been a travveller, I looked for something new" I haven't done that literally in my life but I did in my mind lots of times...wander around in my thoughts try to decide what's best for me... But really although I'm far from old I feel I'm growing older...all this pressure and running around is tiring me...I keep telling myself we only have one lifetime...make the best out of's better to regret for things you have done not for ones you haven't. Enjoy!

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