Friday, April 22, 2011

We don't need no education

"We don't need no education...we don't need no thought control" outstanding lyrics and very nice video! It raises questions about education...about what and how should children learn. A strict disciplined education within limits and standardized procedures will eventually create "another brick in the wall". And that is, in my opinion, the root of everything that is wrong with humanity as big as that sounds. Industrialized education that promotes no creative thinking, that gives actually no incentive to learn leads to non thinking people that absorb without judging everything served to them. "Hey teacher leave us kids alone" Enjoy!


  1. "Hey teacher leave us kids alone!!" My favorite line.

    It still sounds as great as ever. still very, very relevant with education nowadays.

  2. You are absolutely right! I think it is even more relevant than it was back then...taking also into account that we live in a society that information are widely and easily accessible!