Thursday, April 14, 2011

If destiny's kind I've got the rest on my mind

For reasons unknown by the killers! That's a good one though the video kind of sucks :P. I could'nt find any connection with the meaning of the song and I hate this damn PR things :). They produce a catchy video but totally irrelevant to the song :P. Anyway maybe I lost the connection :P.

A bit about the song....I love the line "I know If destiny's kind I've got the rest on my mind"...I wish I was that sure about my course in life ;). As I get older I get that feeling also...I wish everything goes fine and I'm sure I'm gonna make it the way I want. I hope it's not because I'm compromising though and I have lesser expectations. Anyway the song is also about a couple that loses that "first time" feeling that everything seems great in the beggining of a relationship but as time goes by "for reasons unknown" it fades. Maybe it's just the way it is and you have other things to hold on to then. Enjoy!

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