Sunday, March 11, 2012

I Just Might Be Psychic - Artie Q & CDC

Long time no see! As promised ArtieQ this one is from you and for you ;)

I just might be psychic!

Great song great music great video! ArtieQ consider becoming an actor also man ;). I really enjoyed the music and loved the video with the spirit doll and the effects and everything! Man "I feel you though we never ever met"! Keep up the good work waiting for the new album April 1st... More from ArtieQ (or RTQ :P by the way nice nickname Robin Thomas Quinn) to come! That "Happy Guy" is definetely posted!
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  1. HeHe Dude.

    Well, there's a surprise. Thank you. Well all my vids are "budget job-bies," but you know what they say about the "necessity being the mother of invention," or in my case lack of funds. Right?
    Anyway, the song all started when I received a voice sample from Mrs Q: "Hey hey, Oh oh, I feel you." I thought, I gotta make a song out of this. 'See, hehe, I am the World's Least Spiritual Human Being, and my wife is The World's Most Spiritual Human Being. -What if the TWLSHB was visited at night by a presence "so" real, that after all his anti spiritual diatribe rhetoric, he might just be psy ... psych ... (see, I'm having trouble even writing THAT word) psychic, after all! Hey-Zeus, dude!!! ;) rtq

  2. Hey ArtieQ nice to hear from you again man! Well low budget or not its far better than many shiny glittering too-many-dollar productions out there...Ah inspiration it can come from everywhere nice to hear where yours came from. You see many times we tend to analyze the meanings of songs but only the creator knows where it really came from. Well World's Least Spiritual Human Being (WLSHB) you might be a psychic after all...the presence seemed real enough for me ;)
    Keep up the good work! Looking forward to the new album... Oh...and many many thanks for the Monthly Surprise man ;) I really appreciate the gesture!!

  3. Replies
    1. Yo, LadyJava. I am going to attempt to join the MM blog club page; though being a bit of a virtual dinosaur, I hope I follow your instructions correctly to completion. Regards, RTQ. :)

  4. I hope my directions helped :)

  5. Yo HeHe. Hmm, having difficulties finding "that" button at the bottom of her page, but it might be that it is only live/or available on every Monday, and I read somewhere that it is "Monday-Singapore Time" - Aye Yay Ay! So, I spose I missed my deadline ... I think. If so, I'll try again next Monday! Thanks, anyway.